General Questions

A flitch is a cut of lumber straight from the tree. A piece of something grander, something living.

Our furniture is designed and fabricated at our shop in Raleigh, NC. Furniture construction, assembly, finishing, and shipping is all done in house by our team.

Flitch furniture is constructed of solid maple and walnut. We are loyal to traditional craftsmanship and take pride in using lumber from trees grown in our region, and in our time zone.  Each tree’s growing conditions – sunlight, soil fertility, and moisture – create unique, natural variations in the wood grain.

Flitch furniture is made from kiln-dried solid wood and assembled using timeless, proven construction methods. It is built using two main techniques: dovetail joints and spline miters for a lifetime of durability. With proper care and maintenance, Flitch furniture can sustain regular use for decades.

Modular furniture consists of multiple parts to create the whole. Flitch modular units can be arranged and easily rearranged for an endless variety of configurations. The friction-fit matrix design uses a system of dowels and holes to lock boxes in place.

Modular base units include box(es) with attached leg assemblies. Additional boxes can be arranged and rearranged for any variety of configurations.

If living with small children, we recommend that you glue the dowels in the matrix hole by placing a drop of wood glue in either end and securing.

If you want the units to remain modular, be aware that the box units may separate if more than 8 pounds is placed in a drawer box while open. In other words, put your socks in the top unit and your 300-page drafts of the next great American novel in the bottom.

Currently our products are available in 2 store locations. Each store will give you all the information and assistance in the purchase of our products.

BeyondBlue Interiors – Raleigh, NC
Creative Classics – Alexandria, VA

If we are not currently represented in your region, please contact us to let us know what piece/s you’re interested in and your delivery address and we’ll promptly provide you with a shipping quote.

Our furniture is handmade to order and takes 6 – 8 weeks to build. We aim to deliver furniture as soon as possible.

We package our furniture to minimize the risk of damage in transit. Should your item(s) arrive damaged, please contact us immediately and we will repair or replace your furniture.

Our modular bases come assembled and any additional boxes can be stacked using the friction-fit system to lock and align. Benches come completely assembled. Beds require some assembly and instructions will be included with delivery.

Because Flitch furniture is made of solid wood it is substantial. This makes it quality, long-lasting furniture.

The Base Solo with a drawer weighs 34 lbs. The Base Duo with drawers is 67 lbs, and the Base Trio with drawers is about 100 lbs. Add 21 lbs for every additional drawer box.

Beds range from 153 lbs for a twin with headboard to 237 lbs for a king with headboard.

Benches are between 22 lbs for the twin to 50 lbs for the king.

A clean, damp cloth is best. You can use mild cleaners to remove marks and smudges. Avoid abrasive cleaners and strong solvents as they may damage the finish. Bleach and denatured alcohol are fine, but do not use paint thinners or lacquer thinners. Be sure to read the label on your cleaners before use. We recommend testing a small spot in an unnoticeable area first.

Good question. We are mostly dog people, but we know cats love to lay around and our furniture provides a lot of surface area for feline lounging.