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Flitch Launch Alert: Our Tables are LIVE

We are thrilled to formally introduce you to our Flitch table, now available on our website! Big space or small space, we’ve got you covered. Our table comes in two sizes:

  1. 48 inch round for those with a standard dining room or open living area
  2. 30 inch round for those living in small homes or studio apartments

Like our Stool II, the table legs are maple with the tops available in our full-color palette:

  • Maple
  • White
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Black

As always, it’s made from premium, ultra-light yet ultra-durable poplar core plywood, so you won’t sweat bringing it along wherever life takes you.

Why We Built It

Like we have with all our products, we strive to create pieces that make life more efficient, more enjoyable, and more purposeful. For us, a round table possesses all these qualities. By design, round tables have a common center point. They bring us together at equal distance, encourage conversation, and create a sense of intimacy. They offer a place for us to disconnect from technology and enjoy our meals and our company.

We also use its surface as a place to work, do crafts, re-pot our indoor plants, journal, and so much more! We hope our table helps create opportunities for these special and important moments, in spaces both big and small.

Why We Like It

Its’ simple design — it has clean lines and minimal parts. It’s also a perfect companion for our stools! And most importantly, its’ long-lasting — thanks to quality, durable materials.

The five E’s:

  1. Easy to put together and take apart — it’s tool-free! The only screwdriver you’ll need is one that comes in a glass and sits on your new table 😉
  2. Easy to clean — we’ve used stain-resistant materials.
  3. Easy to store — it lays flat when disassembled.
  4. Easy to move — the 30-inch table weighs 17 pounds, while the 48-inch table weighs 35 pounds.
  5. Easy to incorporate into your space and personal style — pick the size and color that works best for you!

We are so excited to bring this new Flitch product to you – how do you plan on utilizing your table?

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