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Flitch Picks: Our Top 4 Favorite Indoor Plants

We love our plant babies — so much that we designed our plant stands to show them off! But as much as we love them, we admit it’s not always easy to raise them.

Our plant collecting journey has been a learning experience, helping us realize which plants work well for us and our homes. While we lost some along the way, others have become steady members of our plant family (despite our not-so-green thumbs).

Here’s a shortlist of some of our favorite plants — ones that look great in our stands, and ones we’ve managed to keep growing strong!

1. Desert Candle Cactus

This stately cactus brings a warm desert vibe to your home. We think they look sharp in a 10-inch pot paired with our 10-inch stand, giving them plenty of room to grow. With the right conditions, they can grow up to 5-8 feet tall indoors! They’ll thrive with lots of bright, indirect sunlight and require minimal watering.

2. ZZ Plant

With its rich green and energetic leaves, the ZZ plant puts on a playful show. You can find them in a variety of sizes, and they pair well with any of our plant stands. From our experience, they don’t need very much attention, just some water every 2-3 weeks. This makes them a great option for busy (or forgetful) people! Since they like medium to low indirect light, ZZ plants are also a great way to bring life into those darker corners of your home.

3. Pothos

There are quite a few pothos varieties, with leaf colors and patterns ranging from solid neon to green and white marbled. We think these vine plants look elegant in our 6-inch stands — the extra height gives their long, trailing leaves room to drape freely. They can thrive in areas of bright light or low light, and there’s not much guesswork when it comes to watering — a droopy plant is a thirsty plant.

4. Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is one of our go-to statement plants with its bold leaves and rich coloring. There are several types, but one of our favorites is the “Tineke” variety — they display a beautiful color palette of light green, dark green, creamy white, and light pink. With their robust leaves, we feel these are best suited for our 8-inch or 10-inch plant stands. We’ve found rubber trees to be pretty easy going, preferring bright, indirect light. We water ours thoroughly but let it dry out about 2 inches before watering again.

Note: Some of these plants are poisonous to children, cats, and dogs if consumed. Make sure to do your own personal research beforehand!

Everyone is entitled to have some greenery in their homes without the guilt of not being “plant-worthy” or not having luck with indoor plants! We can’t wait to see what plants you decide to host in your home.

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