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Under Pressure: The Benefits of Pressure-Fit Joinery in Furniture

At Flitch, we design furniture with function, aesthetics, and ease of assembly in mind. Our goal is to create furniture that eliminates stress, missing pieces, and tools!

Less Tools. More Fun.

Our pressure-fit assembly method eliminates the need for any nuts, bolts, or screws — so you never have to worry about missing, lost, or incorrect hardware. If there’s no hardware, who needs tools?

We promise not to add to your ever-growing collection of Allen wrenches!

With pressure-fit joinery, you’ll spend less time putting your furniture together and more time enjoying it. Our no-screws approach to assembly ensures no accidental “screw-ups” that might damage your furniture (we’ve been there).

Assembling Flitch products is meant to be an intuitive, fun, and rewarding experience — never a time-consuming or frustrating chore.


Relying on pressure-fit joinery prompts us to think differently about how our products come together. We focus on the essential ingredients needed for function, strength, and stability and remove the rest.

The final product consists of only the necessary components. This design approach yields products that are inherently simple and composed of fewer parts, lending themselves to a minimalist aesthetic.

Fits Present and Future.

We want to create products that serve you now, and 10-20 years from now. Our approach to creating long-lasting furniture combines durable, high quality materials with pressure-fit joinery. Life doesn’t stand still, and neither do we — our belief is that furniture should be able to move and grow with us.

Pressure-fit furniture is just as easy to take apart and reassemble, so it’s no sweat storing or moving pieces from point A to point B. (We certainly don’t want to be that oversized, heavy dresser that gets abandoned during the next move.)

Flitch products are designed to last and travel through life with you, adapting to many spaces along the way.

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