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What is Flitch? The Benefits of No-Tool Furniture

Flitch: a cut of lumber straight from the tree. A piece of something grander, something living.

We design modern furniture with a no-tool design that addresses the needs of how people are living today. We are a small business creating minimalist furniture in Raleigh, North Carolina. And to the degree that we attempt waste reduction, conserve production and assembly effort, sans ornament, we are minimalist. Simplifying the building process with functional pieces that require no-tools, and instead use our pressure-fit techniques, makes building your furniture easy.

1. No Missing Pieces

We have all experienced that sinking feeling of missing screws or finishing a building project only to have extra screws after-the-fact. If you are missing pieces, it’s the scramble to find the exact screws to finish building your furniture, or contacting the builder to send you more material. When it comes to having extra screws or pieces after completing your build, you often wonder if you were given more material in case of missing items, or if somewhere along the building process you missed an important step as you built your piece. With Flitch furniture, there’s no worry when it comes to missing pieces. Our furniture assembly features a unique pressure-fit system that utilizes tabs and pockets and has minimal wooden dowel pins. Bringing you peace of mind that your furniture is completely assembled and functioning properly.

2. Versatility

Simplicity is key when it comes to furniture design, and our furniture is straight-forward yet functional. While building your Flitch piece is easy and hassle-free, you can rest assured that your piece can move with you and grow as your needs may grow. Our modular designs cater to your specific sense of style. Light, durable and a breeze to assemble, these pieces are fit for the modern nomad and settler alike. We want to offer an alternative to the fast-furniture trend and give you the opportunity to have better experiences with reliable and functional goods.

3. Longevity

At Flitch, we are determined to create products that withstand the tests of time, both in quality and design. Our products are made with high quality, CARB-2 certified maple plywood with a poplar core. We chose this material because of its plantation poplar core, which provides stability, lightness, and uniformity. Our high-pressure laminate is low VOC and Greenguard Gold certified. As we build out our catalog, we make sure that each of our pieces is given the same attention to detail to withstand the tests of time.

4. Ease-of-assembly

No tools are required to build your furniture piece by Flitch! Our mission for our designs is “less tools, more fun.” Creating pieces that can be assembled and disassembled easily makes for a product that moves, has a clean design, and fits a nomadic lifestyle. In tandem with the points made above, you don’t need to keep track of a plethora of pieces when it comes to building your piece. The pressure-fit style design eliminates the requirements that most furniture builds have in the building process.

5. Timeless Design

One of the most important influences within our aesthetic is functionality. As a result, our aesthetic stays timeless and gives the opportunity for the individual to develop their own sense of self and design vision. The minimalistic-style of our designs offers clean, uncluttered, and adaptable furniture that will never go out of style. Creating clean, balanced, and harmonious furniture is our mission. Our catalog here at Flitch will continue to grow, so switch to Flitch today for all your furniture needs!

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