Flitch is a small family of designers and makers in Raleigh, NC who all share the common goal of making products that make life more enjoyable, more efficient, and more purposeful.

We get up every day and ask ourselves: “what do we want?”, “what do we need?” Although the answers vary on occasion, the response is always: “let’s make one and see if we like it.”

The products we make carry our values into the world. They are thoughtful, honest, sometimes modular – always us. Our philosophy for design shares the modernist concept and inherent beauty of ‘clean geometry’. The simplicity of mathematics blended with the complexity of human factors is an art form at the very least. At the very most, it is a symphony of comfort and functionality.


Flitch makes furniture with purpose and longevity. Our designs are intentional, with proven construction methods and quality materials. We take pride in using lumber from trees grown in our region, and in our time zone. It is important to reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint. So, we do.